jeudi 11 février 2016

Les discours médicaux dans l'Europe prémoderne

Medical Discourse in Premodern Europe

Journal of Medieval and Early Modern Studies 

Volume 46, Number 1, January 2016 Special Issue
Editor: Marion Turner

Marion Turner
Medical Discourse in Premodern Europe

A. W. Strouse
Macrobius's Foreskin

Clarissa Chenovick
Speaking, Thinking, Writing: Meditative Surgery and Intercorporeal Circulation in Henry Duke of Lancaster's Livre de Seyntz Medicines (1354) 

Marion Turner
Illness Narratives in the Later Middle Ages: Arderne, Chaucer, and Hoccleve

Julie Singer
Penal and Palliative Discourses in the Debate of the Belle Dame sans Mercy: Achille Caulier's Cruelle Femme en Amour and Hôpital d'Amour

Margaret Healy
Medicine, Metaphor, and “Crisis” in the Early Modern Social Body

Richard Sugg
Flame into Being: Spirits, Soul, and the Physiology of Early Modern Devotion

Jessica Tabak
“O Multiplied Misery!”: The Disordered Medical Narrative of John Donne's Devotions

Michael Cornett
New Books across the Disciplines

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