vendredi 9 octobre 2015

La profession médicale indonésienne

Decolonising medicine: The Indonesian medical profession, 1900-1950

Dr Hans Pols (University of Sydney)

Seminars in the History of Science, Medicine, and Technology - Michaelmas Term 2015

Monday 12 October, 14:15

Venue: Wellcome Unit for the History of Medicine
Seminar Room, 47 Banbury Road, Oxford

Through their studies, medical practice, and participation in the Association of Indonesian Physicians, physicians native to the Dutch East Indies developed a strong professional identity. The promises of modern medicine were important elements of this professional identity and motivated Indonesian physicians to develop critical perspectives on colonial society, participating in social and cultural movements and political activities. This lecture discusses the political views and nationalist activities of several generations of Indonesian physicians. At various times they advocated public health measures, criticised income disparities between Indonesian and European physicians, criticised traditional culture yet also embraced it as a model for an alternate modernity for Indonesia.

Conveners: Dr Erica Charters, Professor Pietro Corsi, Dr Sloan Mahone

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