jeudi 17 septembre 2015

Histoire de la psychiatrie et des autres cultures

Psychiatry and other cultures: a historical perspective 


September 26th 2015

Museum for the history of psychiatry
Via Amendola, 2 -Padiglione Lombroso


8:30 Participants registration

9:00 Welcome adress Gaddomaria Grassi

9:30 Opening session Luigi Benevelli

10:00 The "Devereux case" in the history of ethnopsychiatry Alessandra Cerea

Transcultural psychiatry, decolonization and nationalism: comparisons between Nigeria and India, Matthew M. Heaton

Beyond colonial psychiatry? The indigenization of psychiatry of British Indiq, 1900-1940, Waltraud Ernst

Psychiatry in the Italian colonies of Africa, Marianna Scarfone

12:00 Conference conclusion
Epistemology of Cultural Psychiatry, German E. Berrios

13:00 Questions and discussions

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