dimanche 7 juin 2015

Secrets, découvertes et médecine

Secrets, Discoveries and Medicine

Four lectures and one roundtable event

9th - 13th June

as part of the 2015 York Festival of Ideas

Organized by the Centre for Global Health Histories (CGHH) and The Centre for Chronic Diseases and Disorders (C2D2) at the University of York, with sponsorship from the Wellcome Trust

Featuring leading international and domestic academic speakers:

Professor Brian Balmer, University College London - The Secret History of Biological Warfare
Dr Jeremy A Greene, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine - Healing at a Distance: the Recurring Ethical Challenge of Telemedicine
Professor Susan Reveryby, Wellesley College (USA) - Melodrama and Medical Horror Stories: Uncovering a Medical Horror Story and How to Tell the Tale
Dr Andreas Sommer, University of Cambridge - The Occult Roots of Modern Psychology

Plus a special roundtable event exploring pharmaceutical innovation in relation to clinical trial openness, patents and IP from an inter-disciplinary and international perspective with:

Professor Stuart Blume, University of Amsterdam
Professor Nitsan Chorev, Brown University
Professor David Heymann, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and Chair of Public Health England

Dr Zafar Mirza, WHO
Chair: Professor Andrew Webster, University of York

For further details and to book tickets please go to: http://yorkfestivalofideas.com/2015/themes/science-discoveries-and-medicine/

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