vendredi 8 mai 2015

Le corps dans la cité (1300-1650)

The Body in the city: 1300-1650

Call for papers 

Panels to be held at the Renaissance Society of America meeting next March-April, in Boston, MA.

‘The Body in the city: 1300-1650’ The Prato Consortium for Medieval and Renaissance Studies (University of Amsterdam, State University of Arizona, Un iversity of Edinburgh, University of Toronto, Birkbeck and Queen Mary Colleges at the University of London, Monash University, Warwick University, Archivio di Stato di Prato) is developing a project entitled ‘The Body in the City: 1300-1650’. 

The geographic focus of the project is Italy, though comparative locations (including the New World) would be welcome. The PCMRS will be sponsoring up to five sessions on this topic at the Renaissance Society of America Conference for the 2016 annual meeting , to be held in Boston next spring, 31 March–2 April 2016. In relation to the idea and reality of ‘the body in th e city’ topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to: 

- space/architecture
- social history of ideas
- ideas in practice
- The Public sphere
- Metaphor and material culture
- Ritual
- Gender
- Disease and remedy
- Disease prevention
- Public health and environment
- Urban/rural relations

We welcome abstracts for 20-minute presentations. Please send a 150-word abstract (inclusive of keywords) and a 300-word curriculum vitae to by 23 May 2015 (sample CVs are available on the RSA website: ).

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