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Dernier numéro de History of psychiatry

History of psychiatry

June 2015; 26 (2)

J Cutting
First rank symptoms of schizophrenia: their nature and origin 
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Warwick Brunton
‘At variance with the most elementary principles’: the state of British colonial lunatic asylums in 1863 
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Harry Yi-Jui Wu
World citizenship and the emergence of the social psychiatry project of the World Health Organization, 1948–c.1965 
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Claire Hilton
Psychiatrists, mental health provision and ‘senile dementia’ in England, 1940s–1979
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Adrián Gramary, Cláudia Lopes, and João Pedro Ribeiro
Herculano Sá de Figueiredo (1911–74): a sculptor in the Conde de Ferreira Hospital, Portugal 
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Classic Text No. 102
Johan Schioldann and  German Berrios
‘The meaning of the symptom in psychiatry. An overview’, by Hans W. Gruhle (1913) 
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Book Reviews

Gaia Domenici
Book Review: Paul Bishop, Carl Jung
Full Text (PDF)

Sarah Edwards
Book Review: Francesca Scott, Kate Scarth and Ji Won Chung (eds), Picturing Women’s Health
Full Text (PDF)

Emily Baum
Book Review: Howard Chiang (ed.), Psychiatry and Chinese History
Full Text (PDF)

Ellizabeth Ann Danto
Book Review: Kate Schechter, Illusions of a Future – Psychoanalysis and the Biopolitics of Desire
Full Text (PDF)

Edgar Jones
Book Review: David Cantor and Edmund Ramsden (eds), Stress, Shock and Adaptation in the Twentieth Century
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Research on the history of psychiatry
Research on the history of psychiatry: Dissertation Abstracts 
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