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Approches et directions en histoire du corps

The History of the Body: Approaches and Directions

Institute of Historical Research, London: May 16th 2015

Registration 10 – 10:30am

Parallel Sessions 10:30 – 12:00pm

1A: Material Cultures (Chair: Will Pooley) Wolfson Seminar Room

Alun Withey ‘Technologies of the Body in Eighteenth-Century Britain’

Robin Macdonald ‘When ‘Discourse’ Meets ‘Experience’: Letters and Letter-bearers in the Writings of Seventeenth-century Missionaries in New France’

Lauren Fried ‘Histories of Trans Bodies: A Museological Approach’

1B: Interpreting Bodies (Chair: Kevin Lewis) Room 304

Clare Tebbutt 'Of Oysters, Fowl and Free-martins: The Animal of Human Sex-changeability'

Caroline Nielsen 'Fraudulent Bodies: The Creation of the Discourse around Malingering and Illness Deception by Military Authorities, c.1780-1840'

Laura Guinot Ferri 'Women Saints and their Bodies: the Case of the Spanish Nun Inés de Benigànim (1625-1696)'

Lunch 12:00 – 13:00

Parallel Sessions 13:00 – 14:30

2A: Technologies (Chair: Jennifer Keating) Wolfson Seminar Room

Dora Vargha 'Disability History and the Boundaries of Body and Machine: the Iron Lung Patient as a “New Life-form”'

Will Pooley 'The Shadow Cultures: Popular Receptions of Medicine in France c.1790-1939'

Beatriz Pichel 'Photographing the Emotional Body in the Late Nineteenth Century'

2B: Masculinity and Martial Bodies (Chair: Erica Wald) Room 304

Hilary Buxton ‘Intersectionality and the Global Soldier Body in the Great War’

Jessica Meyer 'Carrying, Cleaning and Caring: British Male Military Caregivers and the Body in the First World War'

Kate Imy 'Rebels of Ramzan: Indian Muslims, Food, and Fasting in the First World War'

Refreshments 14:30 – 15:00

Parallel Sessions 15:00 – 16:30

3A: Violence and Injury (Chair: Kate Imy) Wolfson Seminar Room

Giusi Russo 'Colonial Bodies in Pain: Emotions, Self-Rule, and Pathologies at the UN'

Heike Bauer 'Suicidal Scarring:Discourse, Experience and Magnus Hirschfeld’s Body of Work'

Luc Racaut 'The World Inside Out: Bodies and Emotions During the French Wars of Religion'

3B: Bodily Practices (Chair: Caroline Nielsen) Room 304

Kat Mutlow 'Peterloo: The Body and Radical Discourse'

Kevin Lewis 'Defining/Defiling the Medieval Abrahamic Body: Body Modification, Male Circumcision and the Problem of “Sacred Inviolability” between Christians, Jews and Muslims'

Cécile Feza Bushidi and Tom Cunningham 'Missionary Interventions Into Gikuyu Body Cultures, c1906-1938'

Refreshments 16:30-17:00

Plenary Talk 17:00-18:30 – Bedford Room, Senate House.

Fay Bound Alberti ‘Hearts and Minds go Head to Head: The Body and the Self in History’

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