dimanche 12 avril 2015

Anormalité et anormal au 19e siècle

Abnormality and the Abnormal in the Nineteenth Century

One-Day Conference 

Thursday 7 May 2015
Kenworthy Hall, St Mary’s College, University of Durham

Panel One: Gender and Sexuality

‘“The abnormalism consists in disproportion: not in inversion”: Sue Bridehead’s Scandalous Sexuality’

Sreemoyee Roy Chowdhury, Durham University

‘The Mythological Other: Degeneration Theory, Female Abnormality, and Hysteria in Nineteenth Century Representations of Medea’

Rebecka Klette, Birkbeck, University of London

‘“Spellbound by that soft music, which sharpened every sense”: Singing Queer Schubert in Oscar Wilde’s Teleny’
Fraser Riddell, Durham University

Panel Two: Social and Political Function of Abnormality

‘Screw Loose: The Evolution of a Maddening Idiom’
Jennifer Duggan, Sør-Trøndelag University College, Trondheim, Norway

‘Sergei Stepniak and his Exceptional Terrorists: Subverting Dominant Representations of Russian Terrorists for the English Reading Public 1883-1895’
Lara Green, Northumbria University

‘‘Abnormal Enthusiasms’: The Religious Politics of Madness in Nineteenth Century Cornwall’
Daniel Simpson, Royal Holloway, University of London

Panel Three: Abnormality and the Body

‘Forged Bodies: Hidden Ancestry and Invisible Degeneracy in Grant Allen's Fiction’
Dr William Abberley, University of Oxford

‘Life in the Shadows: Accessing Evidence of Rickets and Nineteenth Century Society Through Bioarchaeology’
Sophie Newman, Durham University

‘Quantifying Abnormality Then and Now: Nineteenth Century Scientific Theories and their Ongoing Influence on Contemporary Philosophical Discussions of Disease’
Aleksandra Traykova, Durham University

For further information, please contact Siobhan Harper (CNCS Postgraduate Representative) at s.c.harper@durham.ac.uk

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