mercredi 4 février 2015

50 ans d'histoire de la tuberculose

From the Local to the Global: Fifty Years of Historical Research on Tuberculosis

Special virtual issue of Medical History 

available online - . To access the collection for free please visit:

Consolidating Strengths, Sanjoy Bhattacharya

From the Local to the Global: Fifty Years of Historical Research on Tuberculosis, Henrice Altink

Rolls Roger, "Diseased, Douched and Doctored: Thermal Springs, Spa Doctors and Rheumatic Diseases", Helen Bynum

"Tuberculosis-threatened Children": The Rise and Fall of a Medical Concept in Norway, c.1900–1960, Teemu Ryymin

What Tuberculosis did for Modernism: The Influence of a Curative Environment on Modernist Design and Architecture, Margaret Campbell

To Stamp Out “So Terrible a Malady”: Bovine Tuberculosis and Tuberculin Testing in Britain, 1890–1939, Keir Waddington

Civil Liberties and Public Good: Detention of Tuberculous Patients and the Public Health Act 1984, Richard Coker

Robert Koch and the Pressures of Scientific Research: Tuberculosis and Tuberculin, Christoph Gradmann

“A health resort for consumptives”: tuberculosis and immigration to New Zealand, 1880–1914, Linda Bryder

Tuberculosis and leprosy in antiquity: an interpretation, Keith Manchester

The Impact of Tuberculosis on History, Literature and Art, H. D. Chalke

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