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Histoire du Temple Street Children's Hospital

Temple Street Children's Hospital: An Illustrated History 

Barry Kennerk

Éditeur: New Island Books (13 octobre 2014)
Langue: English
ISBN-10: 1848403895
ISBN-13: 978-1848403895
Dimensions du produit: 21,8 x 13,6 x 2,4 cm

Founded in 1872, Temple Street is now one of Ireland’s best recognised children’s hospitals. From the nurses who used to smuggle ‘Penny Horribles’ onto the wards, to the child whose journey to Dublin took seven hours on a turf-fired train, memories of Temple Street are as rich as they are varied. Today, the old buildings still resonate with stories but one tradition has not changed – a deep commitment to the well-being of Irish children.

Drawing on sparkling interviews with past patients, retired staff members and others, this book takes a unique look past the hall door to uncover the life of a place that started as a private residence but has since become a world-class hospital.

Illustrated throughout by beautiful photographs and images from the history, past and present of the hospital, Temple Street Hospital: An Illustrated History is a beautiful and engaging tribute to this brilliant institution and its wonderful staff.

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