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Dernier numéro du Journal of the History of Medicine and Allied Sciences

Journal of the History of Medicine and Allied Sciences 

Volume 70 Issue 1
January 2015


Arleen Marcia Tuchman
Diabetes and “Defective” Genes in the Twentieth-Century United States
Full Text (PDF)

Ross Brooks
One «Both» Sex«es»: Observations, Suppositions, and Airy Speculations on Fetal Sex Anatomy in British Scientific Literature, 1794–1871
Full Text (PDF)

Michael A. Flannery
Alfred Russel Wallace's Medical Libertarianism: State Medicine, Human Progress, and Evolutionary Purpose
Full Text (PDF)

Yolana Pringle
Investigating “Mass Hysteria” in Early Postcolonial Uganda: Benjamin H. Kagwa, East African Psychiatry, and the Gisu
Full Text (PDF)


Susan D. Jones
Commentary on Raquel A. G. Reyes, “Environmentalist Thinking and the Question of Disease Causation in Late Spanish Philippines”
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