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L'héritage médical de la Première Guerre Mondiale

Legacy of the 1914–18 war

The Lancet - Themed issue, published November 7th, 2014
2014 marks the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of World War 1: a pivotal time for Europe and a key transition point for medical science. The Lancet marks this centenary with a three part series ‘Legacy of the war 1914-1918’. The three papers examine the impact of World War 1 on infectious disease, military psychiatry, and amputation related pain. Accompanying the Series is an original research article describing a genetic analysis of a Shigella strain isolated in 1915, and a Case Report of the soldier from whom this strain was isolated.


The changing role of the British state and its citizens
Martin McKee, David Stuckler Full Text | PDF

Refugees and health: lessons from World War 1
P Spiegel, G Golub Full Text | PDF

Disability and socioeconomic inclusion after World War 1
M Kett, L van Bergen Full Text | PDF

Dysentery in World War 1: Shigella a century on
D J M Wright, B S Drasar Full Text | PDF


How World War 1 changed global attitudes to war and infectious diseases
G Dennis Shanks Full Text | PDF

Battle for the mind: World War 1 and the birth of military psychiatry
Edgar Jones, Simon Wessely Full Text | PDF

“Doomed to go in company with miserable pain” surgical recognition and treatment of amputation-related pain on the Western Front during World War 1

Dafydd S Edwards, Emily R Mayhew, Andrew S C Rice Full Text | PDF

The extant World War 1 dysentery bacillus NCTC1: a genomic analysis
Kate S Baker, Alison E Mather, Hannah McGregor, Paul Coupland, Gemma C Langridge, Martin Day, Ana Deheer-Graham, Julian Parkhill, Julie E Russell, Nicholas R Thomson Summary | Full Text | PDF

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The feeling of war
D George Boyce Full Text | PDF

The art of war
Roger Kneebone Full Text | PDF

Elsie Inglis, the suffragette physician

Lucy Inglis Full Text | PDF

Bacillary dysentery from World War 1 and NCTC1, the first bacterial isolate in the National Collection
Alison E Mather, Kate S Baker, Hannah McGregor, Paul Coupland, Pamela L Mather, Ana Deheer-Graham, Prof Julian Parkhill, Philippa Bracegirdle, Julie E Russell, Prof Nicholas R Thomson Full Text | PDF

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