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Histoires et théories des inconscients

Histories and Theories of the Unconscious


Saturday, November 22nd 2014, 10am – 5pm

Queen Mary University of London. Mile End Road, London E1 4NS
Arts 2 Building, Lecture Theatre.

A day conference on the unconscious mind from its early-modern philosophical origins to its diverse articulations in literature, art and social policy, and its controversial history within the psychoanalytic tradition.

This conference is sponsored by the Raphael Samuel History Centre and the Centre for the History of the Emotions (QMUL), with the generous financial support of the Wellcome Trust.


Arthur Eaton
Playing with Paradoxes: Winnicott's views on the Unconscious.

Alexandra Bacopoulos-Viau, New York University.
From the writing cure to the talking cure: Revisiting the discovery of the unconscious

Emma Sutton, Queen Mary University of London
William James on "intra-personal belligerency"

Angus Nicholls, Queen Mary University of London
‘The Unconscious’: Concept or Metaphor?

Rhodri Hayward, Queen Mary University of London
The Unconscious as an Emergent Object

Matt Ffytche, University of Essex
The Unconscious and the Private Life: Contemporary Transformations of a Psychoanalytic Idea

Sonu Shamdasani, University College London
The unconscious within the history of consciousness

Andreas Mayer, Centre A. Koyré, CNRS/EHESS Paris
Situating the Unconscious: Towards a Historical Anthropology of the Psy Sciences

Madeleine Wood, Queen Mary University of London
Interiority and the Mid-Victorian Parent-Child Relationship: Literary Inscriptions of the

John Fletcher, University of Warwick
The unconscious, the id and the other: Laplanchean developments of Freud

Elsa Richardson, Queen Mary
Imagining the Imagination: Unconscious Creation in the Order of the Golden Dawn

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PLEASE NOTE: The Arts 2 Building is building number 35 on the campus map. Entrance to Arts 2 is via campus (there is no entrance on the main road!)-please enter via East Gate (Westfield Way) and look for the Novo Burial Ground.

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