vendredi 10 octobre 2014

Séminaires d'histoire de la médecine de Cambridge

History of Medicine Seminars

Michaelmas Term 2014

Department of History and Philosophy of Science University of Cambridge 

** Early Medicine Seminars **

Organized by Lauren Kassell

14 October
Margaret Pelling (University of Oxford)
John Graunt and the health of children in mid-17th-century London

4 November   
Sophie Page (University College London)
Medicine and learned magic in the late middle ages

25 November 
Jonathan Barry and Peter Elmer (University of Exeter)
Patterns of medical practice in urban and rural England, c.1500–1720: a case-study of the South West

** History of Modern Medicine and Biology Seminars ** 
Organized by Nick Hopwood and Helen Curry

28 October     
Joanna Radin (Yale University)
Off the reservation: how indigenous bodies became big data

11 November
Carlos López Beltrán (UNAM, Mexico City, visiting HPS) 
Mestizo genomics: race mixture, nation and science in Latin America

2 December   
Stephen Mawdsley (Clare Hall, Cambridge) 
'Operation ouch': America's response to polio before a vaccine

** Generation to Reproduction Seminars ** 
Organized by Nick Hopwood and Lauren Kassell.

21 October     
Cathy McClive (Durham University)
Menstrual time and the blood of stigmata: Catherine Cadière and Father Girard, an 18th-century menstrual cause célèbre

18 November 
Claire Jones (King's College London)
Under the covers? Commerce, condoms and consumers in Britain, 1860–1960

Seminars are held in Seminar Room 1, Department of History and Philosophy of Science, Free School Lane, Cambridge CB2 3RH. Tea and biscuits are available from 4:40pm; talk and discussion run from 5:00 to 6:30pm. All welcome!

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