lundi 20 octobre 2014

Histoire de la sexualité

History of Sexuality Seminar series 

Institute of Historical Research, London
Holden Room, 103, first floor of Senate House

 Time: Tuesdays 18:00

28 October - Echoes and nods: recognition, genealogy and writing the queer archive, Dr Natasha Alden (University of Aberystwyth);
and 'What went on between Brock and Bob?' Robert Oboussier, Werner Brock, and the evolution of gay identities in the Twentieth Century, Dr Lars Fischer (University College London)

18 November - Attitudes to ejaculation in early modern England, Dr Tim Reinke-Williams (University of Northampton)

9 December - Reproductive Health, the Ford Foundation, and the Chinese Sexual Revolution, Dr Leon Antonio Rocha (University of Liverpool)

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