mardi 2 septembre 2014

Santé et bien-être dans l'Amérique du 19e siècle

Health and Wellness in 19th-Century America 

John C. Waller

Series: Health and Wellness in Daily Life
Hardcover: 274 pages
Publisher: Greenwood (August 31, 2014)
Language: English
ISBN-13: 978-0313380440

Health and Wellness in 19th-Century America covers a period of dramatic change in the United States by examining our changing understanding of the nature of the disease burden, the increasing size of the nation, and our conceptions of sickness and health. With topics ranging from the unsanitary tenements of New York's Five Points, the field hospitals of the Civil War, and to the laboratories of Johns Hopkins Medical School, author John C. Waller reveals a complex picture of tradition, discovery, innovation, and occasional spectacular success.
This book draws upon an extensive literature to document sickness and wellness in environments like rural homesteads, urban East-coast slums, and the hastily built cities of the West. It provides a fascinating historical examination of a century in which Americans made giant strides in understanding disease yet also clung to traditional methods and ideas, charting how U.S. medical science gradually transformed from being a backwater to a world leader in the field.

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