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Maladie, santé et Etat

Disease, Health & the State

Social History of Medicine Virtual Issue

Guest editors Laurinda Abreu and Sally Sheard hand-pick 20 articles and 18 book reviews from our back issues. All articles and reviews are free to access until 8 August 2014 and can also be found here.

Laurinda Abreu and Sally Sheard

Paul Slack
Dearth and Social Policy in Early Modern England

Harold J. Cook
Policing the Health of London: the College of Physicians and the Early Stuart Monarchy

Simon Szreter
The Importance of Social Intervention in Britain's Mortality Decline c.1850–1914: a Re-interpretation of the Role of Public Health

F. B. Smith
The Contagious Diseases Acts Reconsidered

Nadja Durbach
‘They Might As Well Brand Us’: Working-Class Resistance to Compulsory Vaccination in Victorian England

E. P. Hennock
Vaccination Policy Against Smallpox, 1835–1914: A Comparison of England with Prussia and Imperial Germany

Jane Lewis
Presidential Address: Family Provision of Health and Welfare in the Mixed Economy of Care in the late Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries

Margaret Jones
Infant and Maternal Health Services in Ceylon, 1900–1948: Imperialism or Welfare?

Seán Lang
Drop the Demon Dai: Maternal Mortality and the State in Colonial Madras, 1840–1875

Susan Gross Solomon
The Limits of Government Patronage of Sciences: Social Hygiene and the Soviet State, 1920-1930

Patrice Pinell
Cancer Policy and the Health System in France: "Big Medicine" Challenges the Conception and Organization of Medical Practice

Ornella Moscucci
The British Fight against Cancer: Publicity and Education, 1900–1948

Liping Bu
Public Health and Modernisation: The First Campaigns in China, 1915 –1916

Henk Van Der Velden
The Dutch Health Services before Compulsory Health Insurance, 1900-1941

Martin Gorsky
The British National Health Service 1948–2008: A Review of the Historiography

Anne Digby
‘Vision and Vested Interests’: National Health Service Reform in South Africa and Britain during the 1940s and Beyond

Rosemary Stevens
History and Health Policy in the United States: The Making of a Health Care Industry, 1948–2008

John Welshman
Compulsion, Localism, and Pragmatism: The Micro-Politics of Tuberculosis Screening in the United Kingdom, 1950–1965

John Abraham and Courtney Davis
Discovery and Management of Adverse Drug Reactions: The Nomifensine Hypersensitivity Syndrome, 1977–1986

Heli Leppälä
Duty to Entitlement: Work and Citizenship in the Finnish Post-War Disability Policy, early 1940s to 1970

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