dimanche 21 septembre 2014

L'histoire vétérinaire à maturité

Veterinary History Comes of Age

Virtual issue of Social History of Medicine

The issue can be viewed at http://www.oxfordjournals.org/our_journals/sochis/veterinaryhistory.html
. Access is free until the end of October. After that, the paywall will return but as with all Social History of Medicine virtual issues, the website will remain active.

Saurabh Mishra, University of Sheffield
An Introduction: Veterinary History Comes of Age

Abigail Woods
The Construction of an Animal Plague: Foot and Mouth Disease in Nineteenth-century Britain

Andrew Gardiner
The 'Dangerous' Women of Animal Welfare: How British Veterinary Medicine Went to the Dogs

Louise Hill Curth
The Care of Brute Beasts: A Social and Cultural Study of Veterinary Medicine in Early Modern England

Abigail Woods
Is Prevention Better than Cure? The Rise and Fall of Veterinary Preventive Medicine, c. 1950-1980

Eric Jennings
Confronting Rabies and Its Treatments in Colonial Madagascar, 1899-1910

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