jeudi 18 septembre 2014

Histoire de l'épidémiologie psychiatrique

History of Psychiatric Epidemiology

International Journal of epidemiology
Volume 43 suppl 1 August 2014

Supplement Editors: Anne Lovell, Ezra Susser

Anne M Lovell and Ezra Susser
What might be a history of psychiatric epidemiology? Towards a social history and conceptual account

Anne M. Lovell
The World Health Organization and the contested beginnings of psychiatric epidemiology as an international discipline: one rope, many strands

Nancy D Campbell
The spirit of St Louis: the contributions of Lee N. Robins to North American psychiatric epidemiology

Dana March and Gerald M Oppenheimer
Social disorder and diagnostic order: the US Mental Hygiene Movement, the Midtown Manhattan study and the development of psychiatric epidemiology in the 20th century

Nicolas Henckes
Mistrust of numbers: the difficult development of psychiatric epidemiology in France, 1940–80

Steeves Demazeux
Psychiatric epidemiology, or the story of a divided discipline

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