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Evolution historique et future de la neurologie et de la psychiatrie

The Historical Evolution and Future of Neurology and Psychiatry

De Crespigny Park
Denmark Hill
9th July 2014

One day Symposium on 9th July 2014 at the Institute of Psychiatry. Reviewing the historical evolution of neurology and psychiatry, the programme included Babylonian, Isalmic, 17th, 18th, 19th and 20th century aspects, and then explores present and future relationships of the two disciplines. Illustrative topics include epilepsy, hysteria, daemonomania and war neurosis.

Speakers will include: Sir Richard Trainor, Edward Reynolds, Raad Shakir, Fiona Subotsky, Alastair Compston, Allan Beveridge, Edgar Jones, Timothy Nicholson, Adam Zeman, Michael Trimble, Anthony David, Tilli Tansey and Shitij Kapur.

The meeting will include a discussion on a future forum for the History of Neurology and Psychiatry.

See the 'More Info' tab for full programme details. The flyer can also be viewed here (pdf).

Symposium supported by King’s College London.

Symposium Programme
8.30 Registration

Session 1 Chairperson: Sir Richard Trainor
9.15 Welcome and Introduction Sir Richard Trainor, Principal, KCL
9.30 Babylonian neurology and psychiatry Edward Reynolds, Neurologist
9.55 Islamic neurology and psychiatry Raad Shakir, Neurologist
10.20 Daemonomania in the 18th century Fiona Subotsky, Psychiatrist

10.45 Coffee

Session 2 Chairperson: Fiona Subotsky
11.10 The origins of clinical neuroscience in the 17th and 18th centuries Alastair Compston, Neurologist
11.35 19th century evolution of psychiatry Allan Beveridge, Psychiatrist
12.00 War neurosis/Shell shock Edgar Jones, Historian
12.25 Hysteria: past, present, future Timothy Nicholson, Psychiatrist

12.50 Lunch

Session 3 Chairperson: Alastair Compston
13.50 Consciousness: past, present and future Adam Zeman, Neurologist
14.15 The creative brain: origins and future Michael Trimble, Neuropsychiatrist
14.40 The self in psychiatry; present and future Anthony David, Neuropsychiatrist

15.05 Tea

Session 4 Chairperson: Shitij Kapur

15.25 Neuroscience: present and future Tilli Tansey, Neuroscientist/Historian
15.50 The future of neurology and psychiatry Shitij Kapur, Dean, IOP, KCL

Session 5

16.15 A forum for the history of neurology and psychiatry?
Discussion led by
Edward Reynolds, Neurologist
Timothy Nicholson, Psychiatrist

For information on how to get there:

Liz Beckmann

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