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Social history of Medicine 27(2) May 2014

Social history of Medicine 

Original Articles

Anne Hanley
‘Scientific Truth into Homely Language’: The Training and Practice of Midwives in Ophthalmia Neonatorum, 1895–1914

Tania McIntosh
‘I'm not the tradesman’: A Case Study of District Midwifery in Nottingham and Derby 1954–1974

Caroline Weaver
Eyesight and Governance in Britain: Bureaucracy and the Senses in the 1920s

Adam M. Silvia
Modern Mothers for Third World Nations: Population Control, Western Medical Imperialism, and Cold War Politics in Haiti

Graham J. Baker
Christianity and Eugenics: The Place of Religion in the British Eugenics Education Society and the American Eugenics Society, c.1907–1940doi:10.1093/shm/hku008

Chiara Beccalossi
Madness and Sexual Psychopathies as the Magnifying Glass of the Normal: Italian Psychiatry and Sexuality c.1880–1910

Angela Marques Filipe
The Rise of Child Psychiatry in Portugal: An Intimate Social and Political History, 1915–1959

Ana Antić
Heroes and Hysterics: ‘Partisan Hysteria’ and Communist State-building in Yugoslavia after 1945

Second Opinion

Warwick Anderson
Making Global Health History: The Postcolonial Worldliness of Biomedicine

Focus on Motherhood and Maternity

Angela Davis
Tania McIntosh, A Social History of Maternity and Childbirth: Key Themes in Maternity Care

Tanya Evans
Janet Greenlees and Linda Bryder (eds), Western Maternity and Medicine, 1880–1990

Katherine Watson
Nicola Goc, Women, Infanticide and the Press, 1822–1922: News Narratives in England and Australia

Matthew Smith
Deborah Weinstein, The Pathological Family: Postwar America and the Rise of Family Therapy

Pamela Dale
John Stewart, Child Guidance in Britain, 1918–1955: The Dangerous Age of Childhood

Janet Greenlees
Pat Thane and Tanya Evans, Sinners? Scroungers? Saints?: Unmarried Motherhood in Twentieth-Century England

Linda Bryder
Yolanda Eraso, Representing Argentinian Mothers: Medicine, Ideas and Culture in the Modern Era, 1900–1946

Book Reviews

Rosemary Wall
Anne Borsay and Billie Hunter (eds), Nursing and Midwifery in Britain since 1700

Hallam Stevens
Miguel García-Sancho, Biology, Computing, and the History of Molecular Sequencing: From Proteins to DNA, 1945–2000

Jonathan Saha
Laurence Monnais and Harold J. Cook (eds), Global Movements, Local Concerns: Medicine and Health in Southeast Asia

Loh Kah Seng
Kerri A. Inglis, Ma'i Lepera: Disease and Displacement in Nineteenth-Century Hawai'i

Jenna M. Dittmar
Samuel J. M. M. Alberti and Elizabeth Hallam (eds), Medical Museums: Past, Present, Future

Antje Kampf
Carsten Timmermann and Elizabeth Toon (eds), Cancer Patients, Cancer Pathways: Historical and Sociological Perspectives

Darren N. Wagner
Helen Yallop, Age and Identity in Eighteenth-Century England

Stephen E. Mawdsley
Gareth Williams, Paralysed with Fear: The Story of Polio

Tatjana Buklijas
Malcolm Nicolson and John E. E. Fleming, Imaging and Imagining the Fetus: The Development of Obstetric Ultrasound

Gavin Miller
Jonathan Toms, Mental Hygiene and Psychiatry in Modern Britain

Lisa Pine
Anton Weiss-Wendt and Rory Yeomans (eds), Racial Science in Hitler's New Europe, 1938–1945

Harold Braswell
Emily K. Abel, The Inevitable Hour: A History of Caring for Dying Patients in America

Jo Robertson
Jonathan Reinarz and Kevin Siena (eds), A Medical History of Skin: Scratching the Surface

Maureen Lux
James Daschuk, Clearing the Plains: Disease, Politics of Starvation, and the Loss of Aboriginal Life

Majia Nadesan
Mitzi Waltz, Autism: A Social and Medical History

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