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Histoire de la chimie et de l'alchimie

Oxford Seminar in the History of Alchemy and Chemistry 

7 and 28 May 2014
Maison Francaise d’Oxford
2-10 Norham Rd, OX2 6SE

Every Wednesday, 3pm-5pm

7 May: 18th Century Scottish Chemistry
Chair: John Perkins (Oxford Brookes)

Georgette Taylor (UCL)
Pedagogues and Pedagogue-ability: Cullen versus Plummer at Edinburgh University

John Christie (Oxford)
Professors and Students in the Age of the Chemical Revolution

14 May: 18th Century Russian Alchemy and Chemistry
Chair: John Christie (Oxford)

Alexander Iosad (Oxford)
The Usefulness of Chemistry, the Uses of Science: the Place of Chemistry in Russia after Peter I

Robert Collis (Helsinki)
Alchemy and Elite Culture in Russia in the Long Eighteenth-Century, 1697-1796

21 May: Distillation Alchemy in the Renaissance
Chair: Georgiana Hedesan (Oxford)

Fabrizio Bigotti (Warburg)
‘Homo alembicus’ and the Idea of Alchemical Destillatio in Renaissance Medicine

Tillmann Taape (Cambridge)
Experience, Craftsmanship and Alchemical Medicine in Hieronymus Brunschwig's Distillation Manuals

28 May: Early Modern Alchemy
Chair: Howard Hotson (Oxford)

Anke Timmermann (Cambridge)
Alchemy, Images and Early Modern Cambridge

Georgiana Hedesan (Oxford)
Van Helmont on the Acquisition of the Medical Alchemical Arcana

There will be an opportunity to socialise at a nearby pub afterwards. In addition, everyone is welcome to join us for dinner with the speaker and chair.

For more information, questions or directions to the venue, please feel free to contact me at

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