dimanche 9 mars 2014

L'homme et l'environnement dans la ville moderne

Man and Environment in the Early Modern City.

Call for participations

Polish Academy of Sciences – Scientific Center in Vienna
Boerhaavegasse 25, 1030 Wien

September 25th-27th 2014

The development of human civilization has always been dependent on nature, on the con­stant struggle with its perils and at the same time on the use of its potential. This tension, which was a fundamental condition of human existence, was visible not only in the country, where people had to deal with the special circumstances of this region, but also in cities, where the question of man's relationship to the environment was concentrated in a special way. In comparison with the industrial age, which brought revolutionary changes in this area, one can get the impression that the previous eras were only slightly different from each other in this regard. The break in this respect can be found at the threshold of modern times. How­ever, it seems that approaches to a new relationship to nature and a different way of interac­tion with nature and the environment have already been apparent in the early modern period, which was followed by the industrial revolution. These changes resulted from the intellectual change, the development of the sciences and the dissemination of knowledge in result of the invention of letter press printing.

The aim of this conference of young scholars is the presentation of projects that deal with the relationship between man and the environment in the early modern city. The following topics may be covered:

œ Water in the city: supply, hygiene, types of use, energy source

œ Plants, Trees: Raw material for the crafts, source of energy, building materials, consump­tion

œ Animals: energy, raw materials, types of use

œ Supply for the population

œ Weather and climate

œ Hygiene and health care, diseases

œ Dependencies and threats

The organizing institutions, the Scientific Centre of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Vienna and the Herder Institute Marburg, invite up to 15 scholars (under the age of 36) of various disciplines to present their projects.

Any proposal which is of relevance to the topic of the conference, is highly welcome as well as methodically innovative papers dealing with other European regions. Individual papers will be given 25 minutes. Key notes will give methodical incentives. The languages of the confer­ence are English and German. Travel costs (only within Europe) as well as accommodation will be paid for by the organizers.

Proposals of 300-400 words as well as a short CV should be submitted until March 31, 2014.

Dr. Heidi Hein-Kircher

Herder Institute for Historical Research on East Central Europe –
Institute of the Leibniz Association

Gisonenweg 5-7 · D-35037 Marburg

Email: forum@herder-institut.de · www.herder-institut.de

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