mercredi 5 février 2014

Les 250 ans de John Thelwall

John Thelwall at 250: Medicine, Literature and Reform in London, 1764-1834

Call for papers

Friday, July 25 2014 - Sunday, July 27 2014

Novic Institute for European Studies, London Centre of the University of Notre Dame
London, United Kingdom

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To mark the 250th anniversary of the birth in London of the reformer and polymath John Thelwall (1764-1832), we invite papers and panel proposals on any aspect of his diverse career, or on the medical, literary, or political life of London in his time. We are particularly interested in generating further scholarly attention to the ways in which medical science informed and was informed by literary and political culture, a nexus to which Thelwall greatly contributed. An outspoken advocate of democratic reform and prolific poet, novelist, dramatist, journalist, and elocutionist, Thelwall was also an amateur natural philosopher who, a generation before John Keats, attended medical lectures and operations at the London hospitals, developed close ties with leading surgeons and anatomists, and presented controversial papers on vitality and consciousness.

Deadline for proposals now extended to 28 February.

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