mardi 3 décembre 2013

Colonialisme et psychiatrie transnationale

Colonialism and Transnational Psychiatry. The Development of an Indian Mental Hospital in British India, c. 1925–1940

Waltraud Ernst

Imprint: Anthem Press
Hardback ISBN 9780857280190
October 2013
294 Pages
 36 tables and figures

This book focuses on the Ranchi Indian Mental Hospital, the largest public psychiatric facility in colonial India during the 1920s and 1930s. It breaks new ground by offering unique material for a critical engagement with the phenomenon of the ‘indigenisation’ or ‘Indianisation’ of the colonial medical services and the significance of international professional networks. The work also provides a detailed assessment of the role of gender and race in this field, and of Western and culturally specific medical treatments and diagnoses. The volume offers an unprecedented look at both the local and global factors that had a strong bearing on hospital management and psychiatric treatment at this institution.

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