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Maladies, miracles et médecine au Moyen-âge

The Maladies, Miracles and Medicine of the Middle Ages

Call for papers

Graduate Centre for Medieval Studies, University of Reading
Saturday 15th March 2014

Health was an issue for all ranks of society throughout the Middle Ages, whether competing with coughs and colds, dealing with disabilities or persevering through plague epidemics. Afflictions came in all shapes and sizes and had varying levels of impact upon the lives of sufferers. But what course of action would be best when faced with injury or illness ? Would you turn to homely, herbal remedies, the secular salvation of physicians and surgeons or the miraculous medicine of the saints ? It is questions such as these which this conference would like to consider by bringing together post-graduate and early-career researchers for a day of papers discussing a wide range of issues which fall under the topics of maladies, miracles and medicine (either in combination or as singular subjects).

The aim is to have a wide range of papers on various elements of this general theme, whether your interests lie in medieval literature, art, archaeology, medicine, science or magic. Particular themes to consider include :
- The practices and learning of physicians and surgeons.
-  The curative powers of saints and their relics.
- Experiences and/or evidence of illness, disabilities or treatment in the Middle Ages.
- Particular and/or unusual afflictions and cures.

Proposals for twenty minute papers fitting, broadly, into one of the above themes are welcomed from all post-graduate and early-career researchers before the deadline of January 10th 2014. Please send an email containing both your proposed title and an abstract of no more than 200 words. Further enquiries and any proposals are to be sent to the organiser, Ruth Salter,

Attendance at the conference is free but registration is required. Refreshments and a cold lunch will be provided. Those wishing to register, or with any queries, should also contact the above address. Please be aware that further details will be released closer to the date.

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