mercredi 11 septembre 2013

Les sources écrites en histoire des sciences infirmières

Written sources for the History of Nursing: Spanish Legacy from Mexico to Florida and Louisiana (16th-19th centuries)

Antonio Claret García Martínez and Manuel Jesús García Martínez

September 18, 2013

Barbara Bates Center, University of Pennsylvania
Time: 12:00pm
Location: Claire Fagin Hall, Room 435, Floor 4

In the sixteenth century, nursing in Spain underwent profound changes resulting in the development of a new concept of caring. Many written manuals recorded these changes which transformed hospitals. With the discovery of the Americas, part of this knowledge was passed down to those living in the New World and merged with traditional practices of the native cultures. Today, Spanish libraries and archives preserve important documentation regarding this process. This seminar will include presentation of a sample of a virtual exhibition entitled: “500 Years of Nursing in Spain and America through its Books and Documents, 1430-1930.” The virtual exhibit consists of over 100 images, fragments of our common Nursing Legacy, from Spain to Florida and Louisiana.

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