mercredi 17 juillet 2013

Science, médecine et ordre social en Espagne

Science, medicine, and social order in Spain. Social inclusion- exclusion dynamics through health discourses and practices

Dynamis 2013 / 33(1)

Guest editors: Jorge Molero-Mesa and Isabel Jiménez-Lucena

(De)legitimizing social, professional and cognitive hierarchies. Scientific knowledge and practice in inclusion-exclusion processes Jorge Molero-Mesa and Isabel Jiménez-Lucena

«Arm and Brain»: Inclusion-exclusion dynamics related to medical professionals within Spanish anarcho-syndicalism in the first third of the 20th century Jorge Molero-Mesa and Isabel Jiménez-Lucena

Libertarian movement and self-management of knowledge in the Spain of the first third of the 20th century: «Questions and answers» section (1930-1937) of the journal Estudios Carlos Tabernero Holgado, Isabel Jiménez-Lucena and Jorge Molero-Mesa

Science and social exclusion: the displacement of albéitares from veterinary medicine as seen through the specialized press on animal care (1853-1855) José Manuel Gutiérrez García

A heterodox perspective on the history of drugs. Inclusion-exclusion dynamics of the Ravetllat-Pla anti-tuberculosis serum in the first third of the 20th century Sara Lugo- Márquez


History, Science and Nation. A case study in 19th century Mexico Frida Gorbach

Illustrations of the female body in the Tratado de ginecología by Miquel A. Fargas Roca (1910) Sara Fajula Colom

Halley's Comet and the public image of astronomy in the Spanish daily press of the early 20th century
Pedro Ruiz-Castell, Ignacio Suay-Matallana, and Juan Marcos Bonet Safont

On the threshold of the unknown: A case of an extraordinary vision in the Spain of Primo de Rivera
Annette Mülberger Mònica Balltondre



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