mardi 18 juin 2013

Histoire des techniques de diagnostic en Asie

Call for PhD Application in Cultural Approaches to Diagnostic Technologies in East Asia

Applications are invited for a three-year, full-time, funded PhD position in Cultural Approaches to Diagnostic Technologies in East Asia in the Centre for the Humanities and Medicine (CHM) at The University of Hong Kong. 

This position has developed out of a collaborative research initiative between CHM and the International Diagnostics Centre (IDC) at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine on diagnostics for communicable disease. Recent research has demonstrated the importance of dynamic contextual processes and environmental factors in determining how individuals, populations, and health systems respond to novel technologies and disease control interventions. However, the role of socio-cultural factors is often unacknowledged in technology development, implementation, and assessments, with consequences for the uptake and efficacy of healthcare delivery and disease control in the population. The collaboration between CHM and IDC aims to promote cross-disciplinary research into diagnostic technologies, foregrounding the significance of socio-cultural contexts in the development, successful integration, and sustainable implementation of diagnostic technologies for infectious diseases in East Asia.

The PhD candidate should have a Masters degree (with merit or distinction) or equivalent, preferably with a background in Science and Technology Studies, History of Medicine and Health, Anthropology, or Sociology. The PhD is for 36 months and the candidate is expected to register not later than January 1, 2014.

Applications must be submitted via the standard on-line application process for HKU. For further information on research postgraduate education at Hong Kong University, application procedure and financial assistance, see Full-time PhD students who hold a first degree with second-class honors first division (or equivalent) or above are normally considered eligible to receive a Postgraduate Studentship during the normative study period. Candidates' results in Master's degrees may also be considered. The basic level of studentship is currently HK$13,600 (US$1,740) per month (subject to revision). Candidates may also apply for other financial awards. The Hong Kong PhD Fellowship (HKPF) provides each awardee with a monthly studentship of HK$20,000 and a conference and research related travel allowance of HK$10,000 per year for a period up to three years. 

The deadline for application is 31 August 2013. Applicants who have applied for the HKPF will be automatically considered for the award of University Postgraduate Fellowships (UPF) of HK$70,000 in addition to the Postgraduate Studentships. Information on awards and financial assistance may be found at

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