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Le papyrus Edwin Smith

The Edwin Smith Papyrus: Updated Translation of the Trauma Treatise and Modern Medical Commentaries

Gonzalo M. Sanchez is a Fellow of the American Board of Neurological Surgery and a practicing neurosurgeon. 

Edmund S. Meltzer (Ph.D. 1980, University of Toronto) was Associate Chair in the Department of Religion at The Claremont Graduate School and taught Egyptology at the Institute for the History of Ancient Civilizations in China before settling in Stevens Point, Wisconsin as an independent scholar.

Relié: 376 pages
Editeur : Lockwood Press (30 novembre 2012)
Langue : Anglais
ISBN-10: 1937040011
ISBN-13: 978-1937040017

This volume contains the original hieratic text, complete transcription into hieroglyphs, transliteration, English translation, philological apparatus and copiously illustrated medical commentaries for the for the 48 clinical cases of the Edwin Smith Papyrus. It offers an authoritative treatment of the Egyptian text, which clarifies the meaning of many passages from the papyrus and points the way to their correct medical interpretation. The Edwin Smith Papyrus is the first comprehensive trauma treatise in the history of medicine. Not only is the Papyrus the source of numerous anatomical and functional concepts of the nervous system, it is the basis for the development of modern objective clinical thinking, establishing the foundations of modern medicine more than a thousand years before Hippocrates. This volume features an impressive array of medical material that reveals the precise conditions described by the ancient physician and explores the Egyptian contribution to modern diagnostics, clinical practice, and methodology. This publication sets the standard in the presentation of ancient medical documents. It also includes the previously unpublished translation of the papyrus by Edwin Smith himself.

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