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Bulletin canadien d’histoire de la médecine

Canadian Bulletin of Medical History / Bulletin canadien d’histoire de la médecine

Volume 29, number / numéro 2, Fall/ Automne 2012


SUSAN MULLANEY, “A means of restoring the health and preserving the lives of his Majesty’s subjects”: Ireland’s 18th Century Infirmary System.

SUSAN LAMB, Social, Motivational, and Symptomatic Diversity: An Analysis of the Patient Population of the Phipps Psychiatric Clinic at Johns Hopkins Hospital, 1913-1917.

AMY BELL, The Development of Forensic Pathology in London, England:Keith Simpson and the Dobkin Case 1942.

TEE L. GUIDOTTI, Beginnings: The Occupational Health Program at the University of Alberta, 1984 to 1999.

LESLEY MCBAIN, Pulling Up Their Sleeves and Getting on with It: Providing Health Care in Remote Northern Region.

ROBERT WESTON, Whooping Cough: A Brief History to the 19th Century.

DANIEL GOLDBERG, On Ideas as Actors: How Ideas about Yellow Fever Causality Shaped Public Health Policy Responses in 19th-Century Galveston.

GEOFF READ, “Citizens Useful to their Country and to Humanity”: The Convergence of Eugenics and Pro-Natalism in Interwar.

Reviews of new books by/Comptes rendus de nouveaux livres par: Samuel J. M. M. Alberti; Julie Anderson, Emm Barnes, and Emma Shackleton; Damien Boquet and Piroska Nagy; Kristin Burnett; C. F. Goodey; Mark Harrison; Cynthia Klestinec; Edgar-Andre Montigny; Projit Bihari Mukharji; Myra Rutherdale; and/et Cheryl Krasnick Warsh.

Obituaries / Annonces Nécrologiques: Cyril Greenland, William Shragge.

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