lundi 4 janvier 2016

Religion, médecine et santé dans l'Antiquité tardive

Religion, Medicine, Disability, and Health in Late Antiquity

Journal of Late Antiquity 
Volume 8, Number 2, Fall 2015

The State of the Question: Religion, Medicine, Disability, and Health in Late Antiquity
pp. 257-272
Heidi Marx-Wolf, Kristi Upson-Saia

In and Out of the Body: The Significance of Intestinal Disease in Rabbinic Literature
pp. 273-287
Mira Balberg

Disability, Animality, and Enslavement in Rabbinic Narratives of Bodily Restoration and Resurrection
pp. 288-305
Julia Watts Belser

Paralysis and Sexuality in Medical Literature and the Acts of Peter
pp. 306-321
Meghan Henning

Divine Breastfeeding: Milk, Blood, and Pneuma in Clement of Alexandria’s Paedagogus
pp. 322-336
Dawn LaValle

The Persistence in Late Antiquity of Medico-Philosophical Psychic Therapy
pp. 337-351
Wendy Mayer

Between Despondency and the Demon: Diagnosing and Treating Spiritual Disorders in John Chrysostom’s Letter to Stageirios
pp. 352-367
Jessica Wright

The Etiology of Sorrow and its Therapeutic Benefits in the Preaching of John Chrysostom
pp. 368-385
Blake Leyerle

“As Trainers for the Healthy”: Massage Therapists, Anointers, and Healing in the Late Latin West
pp. 386-404
Sarah E. Bond

New Perspectives on Health and Disability in Late Ancient Judaism and Christianity: A Response
pp. 405-409
Andrew T. Crislip 

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